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Decrease the time it takes to develop, deploy, and maintain 3D and 2D multi-camera applications

Cognex VC5 Vision Controller

The Cognex VC5 Vision Controller provides users a pre-qualified, ready-to-go, Cognex trusted brand vision system to create, deploy, and maintain 3D and 2D multi-camera machine vision applications.

The Cognex VC5 Vision Controller directly connects to Cognex industrial GigE Vision® cameras and Cognex 3D laser displacement sensors and allows for the combination of up to four area scan, line scan or 3D displacement sensors. Integrated and pre-qualified hardware and software does away with third party accessory evaluation and avoids driver incompatibility and similar performance issues to reduce development time and sourcing complexity.

The robust, fan-less design has no moving parts, which allows the VC5 to offer high vibration immunity and makes it suitable for dusty industrial environments. The VC5 offers high-speed parallel image acquisition from cameras or 3D displacement sensors and includes a rich set of discrete I/O and encoder inputs, deterministic precision I/O sub-system, and networking capabilities for common factory protocols.

Cognex 3D displacement sensors

Summary of Key Capabilities

  • Camera Ready - Immediate connectivity for up to 4 GigE Cognex Industrial Cameras or Cognex 3D Displacement Sensors
  • 4 independent GigE channels for simultaneous acquisition with Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • MADE for the factory floor - Fan-less, solid state hard drive, PLC and I/O integration
  • Dedicated factory Communication - Allen-Bradley/Rockwell EIP, Siemens PROFINET, Mitsubishi SLMP, and TCP/IP protocol support
  • Discrete I/O - 24 Opto isolated Precision I/O (8 in, 16 out) with dedicated CPU, 24V capable
  • Quadrature Encoder Input
  • Complete Cognex Vision Software included - The VC5 comes pre-installed with the latest release of Cognex Designer and VisionPro software for machine vision application development, including PatMax®, IDMax®, OCRMax® and now PatMax AutoTune
  • Integrated License Security is built into the hardware

Organizations can be more efficient in their vision application development and deployment without having to worry about PC selection, camera and IO connectivity, or software installation incompatibilities.

Organizational Benefits

  • Pre-qualified by Cognex - The VC5 has been pre-qualified and tested by Cognex for all its GigE Cognex Industrial Cameras and its 3D displacement sensors
  • One-stop shopping - Organizations order hardware and software together (Cognex VC5, Designer, and cameras/sensors) - no questions about what goes together.
  • Tested by Cognex - No questions about what works together, or worrying about incompatible drivers, etc.
  • Installed by Cognex - Software (Designer with VisionPro and vision tools) comes pre-installed by Cognex on the Cognex VC5 hardware - no need to worry about an installation procedure.
  • Long-term hardware availability - The long-term availability of the VC5 Vision Controller allows customers to standardize on a hardware platform.
  • All supported by Cognex - Organizations can call one, single company for technical support for their vision hardware and software, rather than going back-and-forth between multiple companies

Typical Cameras/Sensors Ordered Together:

This hardware is always ordered with Cognex CIC Industrial Cameras for 2D multi-camera applications and/or Cognex 3D Displacement Sensors for 3D applications to provide a complete vision system delivered and supported by Cognex.

VC5 Architecture


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